Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pacquiao-Margarito fight will happen in Dallas Cowboys Stadium?

The November 13 fight between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito is likely to happen in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas instead of having it from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  Bob Arum, Top Rank Chairman the promoter of both Fighter said that time is running out if they had to wait for the decision from Nevada State Commission regarding the granting of License of Margarito who was suspended by the California State Commission for having an illegal plaster wrapped on his gloves against Shane Mosley last January 24, 2009.  Prior to Arum's decision they had to move the fight elsewhere.  Arum withdrew his request to the Nevada State Commission for  Margarito to have license scheduled on August 9.

On August 18 Margarito will have a special hearing from the California Stat Commission who had revoked his license.  Margarito was suspended for a year that ended this February 10.

Earlier this year on July 9, Margarito said to appear before the Nevada Stated Commission that had a 4-1 vote. Margarito was said  by the Commission to resolve his problem with the California State Commission then re-apply to Nevada for his License.

Arum said that he had already talked to Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.  Arum also said that different venue's wanted the fight to naming New York, New Jersey and Seattle.

According to Arum the Association of Boxing Commission will announce their decision the day after Margarito's California hearing on August 19.  Arum is moving forward to know what will happen in California.

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