Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boyz II Men wants to Jam with Manny Pacquiao

Boyz II men will be performing live in Araneta Coliseum this coming Friday.  Nathan Morris and Wanya Morris, two of the members of the group said that they will allow Manny Pacquiao to perform any song he wants.  What can you say about that?  That is indeed a cool thing.  I'd be happy to see Boyz II men live, how much more to sing with them.  That would be something.  As for Manny, I think he'll accept the offer.  We all now his pretty much game to do something new.

Nathan and Morris say that they have seen Manny Pacquiao sing while he was still in the United States, from one of his victory concerts..  They seem to love the appreciate Manny Pacquiao.  They find Manny Pacquiao really nice.  This is the fourth time since Wanya Morris visited here in the Philippines.  I could still remember that they had a concert here in WaterFront Hotel, Cebu about years ago.  Wanya said on his interview on his reply whether he got scared about the Zamboanga City bombing,   "I believe in one thing…that we are all protected by God," he said. "We try to bring the people's minds away from negativity and through our love songs, we want them to fall in love all over again."  Wanya plans to enjoy the rest of his days here in the Philippines until August 14.

Source from ABS-CBN news.

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