Monday, August 2, 2010

Should Pacquiao-Marquez deserve a trilogy?

Everyone knows that Juan Manuel Marquez has been chasing Manny Pacquiao to give him that 3rd bout he always wanted.  I give credit to Marquez for being so competitive in every way to Pacquiao. Not like some other boxer we know that have been avoiding Manny Pacquiao.  Juan Manuel is known to be a fighter, just like Filipino Boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao.  They have met twice in the ring and it was one of those thrilling fights in boxing.

After a good win against Juan Diaz last Sunday does Marquez deserve to battle it again with Pacquiao?  Sounds very intriguing right?  From the first time they met, it was controversial one.  The fight ended with a draw, but one of the judges admitted that he had a mistake on the score cards but it was too late, the decision was final.  The fight should have favored Manny Pacquiao if the score card was made right.  On the second time they met, Pacquiao won with just a hair line.  Juan Manuel Marquez thought he won the fight if it wasn't for the Knockdown definitely he'd take the prize.  The second fight is what hunted Marquez ever since.  He wanted to get another shot, but instead of Manny giving a trilogy he went up to fight in another devision.  Which also led Marquez to moving to the next division also.  Pacquiao has fight boxers on the higher divisions namely Ricky Hatton, Oscar Dela Hoya, Miguel Cotto and Joshua Clottey.  Four big names in boxing to which all fights where dominated by Manny Pacquiao.

HBO - Pacquiao-Marquez II after fight interview

Now, with Marquez's Diaz win do you think Pacquiao-Marquez will be as better as Pacquiao-Margarito?  For me, it would be great to see it for the third time just to make things clear to Juan Manuel Marquez that who is he dealing with now.  But it wouldn't really matter anymore.  The fight with Juan Diaz was a good win but not a great win for him to prove that he could be the next best opponent for Manny Pacquiao.  It would be waste, with Pacquiao's fighting career status now, Manny deserves to battle it out with the best and that is Floyd Mayweather.  None the less, it should be a Manny-Money fight.  But we all know now that it ain't going to happen instead we have a Pacquiao-Margarito on November 13.  If Pacquiao would still fight Marquez for the third time it wouldn't prove nothing anymore.  At this point Margarito is a bigger fighter and is more dangerous fighter but knowing Manny, he fights anyone you put in his weight class.  You bring something for him he'll gladly do it to entertain viewers.  That's what is boxing is all about.  Entertaining the crowd and the fans.  So for me, a Margarito-Pacquiao fight is better than a Marquez trilogy.

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