Monday, September 6, 2010

Pacquiao-Mayweather won't happen - Roach

Hall of fame trainer Freddie Roach has told Jose Aguirre from on an interview about the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.  Aguirre asked Roach if he believes Mayweather will accept the fight with Manny Pacquiao?  Freddie simply said "No."  Freddie thinks that Mayweather wants to keep it that way, to retain the Zero loss on his card.  

He has been in the sport for so long, so he definitely knows what his talking about.  When he was asked Why?  Freddie Roach replied "He waits for Manny to sign a contract with someone else, so he doesn't have to be pressured into fighting Pacquiao.  He wants to keep the zero on his record so he can argue that he's the best fighter in the world.  So he can say that he's better than Sugar Ray Robinson.  As long as has that zero, he can make an argument, but once that zero is gone, the argument is over."  Definitely true right?  Freddie said it perfectly.  Their is nothing to argue about.  People really wants to see Mayweather have his first loss in the game.  That is so true, everyone wants to see how good Mayweather is and that is why the fans want to see a fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Freddie Roach cant seem to understand Floyd Mayweather Jr., for even the best fighter in the history of the sport were beaten several times.  "A loss is part of life.  A loss can make you better.  Actually, it's good to lose sometimes in our lives to improve ourselves, to get a wake up call.  In Floyd's little mind, he's content with that zero.  How can he say that he's better than Sugar Ray Robinson at this point in his life? Robinson had a couple hundred fights out there.  He's a master of the game and he was a better welterweight than he was a middleweight.  But we only have tape him as a great middleweight.  We never really saw the best of him," Roach added.

Mayweather knows that if he would be beaten it will be big slap on his face.  The unblemished record is so far the greatest asset he has in his career and when that zero will be gone, it'll be a huge upset.  Is Mayweather Jr. really hesitant to fight the Filipino Champion?

In the last part of the interview, Roach said that "But when he compares himself to those type of guys, it doesn't sit with me too well because he won't even fight the best guys out there today.  He actually ducked Margarito a couple of years ago also.  He was offered a lot of money to fight him twice and ducked him.  He picks and chooses his opponents and if that's what he's going to be happy with, so be it."

Roach is right, we can't argue about it.  Way back when Margarito was a champion he wanted that fight.  But it didn't happen.  After Mayweather's fight with Ricky Hatton he retired, yet came back to the sport and fought Juan Manuel Marquez.  He may have fought Sugar Shane Mosley, but the older Shane.  

I was always thinking way did Floyd left the Top Rank Promotions?  Maybe because he knows that Bob Arum will make the Margarito and Mayweather fight back then.  Because Antonio Margarito was under Arum's banner also.  The fight would have been made easy, don't you think?

But I'm still hoping that the fight would happen, it will surely be the best fight in this generation.  A battle of Pound-for-pound.   It will surely be the biggest fight in the history of boxing, no doubt about it.

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