Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Roach assures no illegal wraps for Margarito

Hall of fame boxing trainer Freddie Roach will make sure that Antonio Margarito will posses no illegal hand wraps on the November 13 fight against Pound-for-pound King Manny Pacquiao.  Freddie said that he will not blink an eye when he will be watching Antonio Margarito's hand wraps before the fight, "I will be there when they start doing the wrap." "I assure you that there won't be anything illegal this time," Roach added.

Roach wants to make sure that the incident of which Antonio Margarito was involve about the illegal hand wrapping, will not happen.  It was when Antonio Margarito and Shane Mosley fought last January 2009.  Nazim Richardson, Sugar Shane's trainer had found a Plaster of Paris inserted in Margarito's wraps by Javier Capetillo. The incident cost Margarito's license.

However, Antonio Margarito was granted license in Texas.  Margarito had already served a full year ban.  With a license in Texas, the fight will take place in Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Arlington.

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