Monday, September 13, 2010

Ricky Hatton addicted to Cocaine

A reliable source has released an issue involving the former champion Ricky the Hitman Hatton.  In the post, it says that Ricky Hatton was mentally disrupted after he suffered a loss from the Filipino Champion, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao.  A close friend of Ricky Hatton has told a story that Hatton began the use of cocaine just after his loss to Manny Pacquiao.  Hatton  fell in a deep depression after the Pacquiao fight.  He find it hard to redeem his career.

Videos of Hatton are spreading on different websites, were he is snorting cocaine.  It was posted on British tabloids where Hatton was engaged to Cocaine.  A British source newspaper The Mirror posted that "He's now vowed to get himself clean.  He'll go into a rehab clinic very soon and he has support of Jen and the rest of his family."  "He is very down, devastated.  In fact, he had a tearful talk with Jennifer (Hatton's fiancee) and held his hands up.  This has been coming for some time and everyone around him is hoping it's a wake-up call.  Ricky is disgusted with him self.  He feels he has let himself, his family, his friends and his fans down."

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