Friday, September 10, 2010

Whats happening to Floyd? Mayweather beats a woman.

From last weeks issues and news, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was accused for being a racist from his video which he had taped via Ustream.  On the video, Floyd was commenting on Manny Pacquiao telling harsh words to the Filipino Champion.

The video gain much criticism for the American Champion.  However Floyd Mayweather made another video, this time he apologizes to everyone.

Now, Floyd Mayweather is again the headline of the news.  Mayweather facing another scandalous situation were he was accused for Domestic Violence.  Whats wrong with "Prettyboy"?  Whats wrong with "Money"?  He has been into worst cases this month.  

Cops arrived in Floyd Mayweather's home in Las Vegas cause they have received a call at 5:03 AM coming from Baby Mama, Josie Harris.  Harris claimed that she was attacked by the boxer.  The cops didn't see Mayweather and is looking forward to Interview the boxer of what really happened.

Would this be true?  Lets wait till Mayweather speaks up about the situation.  It was said that last 2003, Harris also accused Mayweather for punching her but that case was dismissed for Harris testified that she was lying because she was angry with Mayweather that time for having another woman.  However, a man who witnessed said he heard a women screaming like she was being murdered.  He also said that he saw a person in front of the house and then noticed two cars speeding off.


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