Friday, October 22, 2010

Experts picks Mayweather over Pacquiao

From the site, boxing experts, trainers and fighters gave off their opinion on Mayweather-Pacquiao, if the fight would have had happen.  Most boxing experts from different sites like Ring Magazine, Doghouse boxing, Eastside Boxing, Fight Beat, Boxing Scene, Ringside Report and Boxing Talk, most favored Floyd Mayweather Jr. over Manny Pacquiao, 23 out of 25 was with Floyd.
  • Brad Cooney from was one of the experts who favored for the Filipino Champion saying that Pacquiao could knockout Mayweather.  “Pacquiao’s speed is ridiculous, and he is a two handed punching machine. Pacquiao’s punches have very bad intentions, and he throws a lot of them. Fighting Pacquiao is like someone throwing 30 running chainsaws at you at the same time," Cooney said.
  • Boxing trainers namely Joe Goossen, Ronnie Shields, Buddy McGirt, Robet Garcia, and Yoel Judah, also shared their opinion about the possible match between Mayweather and Pacquiao.
  • Joe Goossen said Mayweather wants nothing to do with Pacquiao because the WBO welterweight champion gives him the willies. He added that Mayweather doesn’t like fighting southpaws, Pacquiao is hard to discourage and he doesn’t stop punching. 

  • Ronnie Shields thinks Mayweather’s too good defensively, but it’d be a close fight with Pacquiao the aggressor and Mayweather landing the harder and cleaner shots. He sees Mayweather blocking and countering and doing enough to win. 
  • Buddy McGirt agreed with the choice, but said Mayweather would have to punch at the same time as Pacquiao instead of waiting. “I just think Floyd is better. And he’s very fast. You don’t know how fast until you’re in the opposite corner. His speed is unbelievable. I think Pacquiao would run into counters.”
  • Robert Garcia evened the score when he predicted Pacquiao would win because of the sheer volume of punches he throws, but said he wouldn’t knock Mayweather out. “Mayweather doesn’t throw that many punches. I think there’ll be times he’ll take the combinations and not throw anything back. That should give Pacquiao the rounds.”
  • Yoel Judah broke the deadlock when he said Pacquiao would destroy Mayweather. “He’s too busy for Floyd. Floyd is a slick fighter, smart and everything. But I think Pacquiao is too busy. He’s too busy. Too busy.”
  • Frank Warren a British boxing promoter  picked Mayweather. "I think Mayweather is a natural counter puncher, although Pacquiao is a tremendous puncher, very fast, but…he can be hit. If I was a bookmaker, I would make Mayweather the favorite. HBO boxing analyst Larry Merchant agreed and said Mayweather sould be the favourite by odds of about 7/5 or 8/5. 

Boxers who had fought either Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather or even both were also interviewed and gave interesting points of view for the possible fight.
  • Richard Pierson (9-2, 6 KOs) said the only way Mayweather wins is if he trains harder than ever, and if Pacquiao breaks both his hands before the fight. He predicted a Pacquiao knockout.
  • Israel Vazquez (44-5, 32 KOs) went with Mayweather because of the weight difference. He said Pacquiao throws more punches, but Mayweather has better abilities. 

  •  Ishe Smith (21-9, 5 KOs) said Pacquiao would fold like Mosley did against Mayweather. 
  • Zab Judah (39-6, 27 KOs), who lost a unanimous decision to Mayweather in 2006, said, “I think Floyd will win. I think a lot of the shots that Pacquiao is gonna throw at him is not gonna hit him. Floyd is an expert at counter punches.”
  • Juan Manuel Marquez (51-5-1, 37 KOs), who lost a unanimous decision to Mayweather last year and fought to a draw and a split-decision loss to Pacquiao, believes Mayweather’s smarter and faster. He said, "He has the great defense. He can move, move, move. Pacquiao has the power, but Mayweather has the intelligence, the speed and the counter punches."
  • Ricky Hatton (45-2, 32 KOs), who was stopped by both Pacquiao and Mayweather. He backed Mayweather by saying “Mayweather is so good he doesn’t let you get any punches off. If he makes Pacquiao miss he’ll take the sting out of him.” However, he added, “I’d rather watch Pacquiao though. Mayweather will go down as one of the all time greats but I wouldn’t get up at four o’clock in the morning to watch him. He bores the sh*t out of me.” 
The argument will always continue, it will be a never ending debate to everyone if Pacquiao-Mayweather will never happen.  This is the best fight everyone is waiting for and the only way to know who the best really is, is when both fighter meet in the ring.  If the fight may never happen, then the argument will still forever remain.


Jesse said...

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Anonymous said...

mayweather will fall because pacquiao is unpredictable.Through his power punches no one can face him.Take a look at mayweather mosley fight what if pacquiao is on the ring during round 2 situation..surely mayweather will sleep all day long..

Anonymous said...

floyd knows if he gonna fight pacquiao he can be tested. his not sure if he gonna win. mayweather is very good technical fighter.but do not under estimate pacquiao you can't deny the power its un parallel.take my words if mayweather won't be careful he will be knockout..

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