Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Roach: Pacquiao still not 100%

On an interview with the hall of fame trainer Freddie Roach with Ted Lerner of Ring Magazine, Roach was telling that Manny Pacquiao is still not in the best condition ever.  He knows this just by looking over how Pacquiao fought in his sparring session, he wont be a hall of fame trainer for nothing.  

Though that some Team Pacquiao guys think Manny is in good shape, Nonoy Neri said when Pacquiao sparred with Glen Tapia yesterday that, "He almost went down."  Manny Pacquiao even gave Michael Medina a beating, giving him a cut on his left eye.  Yet still Freddie knows it ain't enough.  Any boxer can give a cut on everyone else's eye.  Freddie is referring more about the strategies and he has a brilliant mind, everyone knows that.  “The direction I want him to move is a little better. The stuff we were doing yesterday came through today. He’s not 100 percent; we still have a long way to go,” said Freddie Roach on his interview with Ted.  

Manny Pacquiao trains very hard, boxers and other people had witness it.  He is good in his sparring session and listens to Freddie's coach at all time.  That is what made him the best, “We’re just beginning to get the game plan down and get the timing and so forth. He did what I wanted him to do a couple of times. It’s a work in progress," Roach added.

It takes skills and hard work to win a fight and Manny will have that skill once he is 100%.  Roach also said if the fight would have to happen today, chances are he'd lose, but on November it would not happen.  “If that Manny Pacquiao went into a fight, we’d probably lose. But that’s why we have an eight-week training camp, so we can improve. You can’t expect too much out of a guy who hasn’t been in the ring since last March," Roach Said.

Manny Pacquiao was about 50 to 60 percent when they arrived in Baguio City to train, said Roach.  He also makes sure that Pacquaio will be close to 90% when they live for Los Angeles and continue there training.

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