Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pacquiao: Margarito is a Good guy

On an interview by Yahoo, the Filipino Champion remains humble.  Instead of firing back against opponents like Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr.,  Pacquiao just want to wish him well.

Pacquiao was ask different questions on the interview and this is what Manny Pacquiao has to say to it;

  • What's your first impression of Margarito?

 "His okay and a good guy.  He is not like others who are arrogant."

  • After his (Margarito) hand wrap controversy against Mosley, does he still have the right to fight in the ring?

"It would be unfair to him if we won't give him a chance to fight again.  His a boxer, his just human bound to make mistakes.  Lets give him another opportunity to change himself at least that serve as a lesson to him and then we won't let that happen again,  specially this coming fight."

  • Will you still fight Mayweather?
"I don't know yet, but I don't want to talk about Mayweather.  All I can do to help is pray for him, that he will be blessed by our beloved God and that he will be able to fix his life.  I know he is facing a lot of problem now.  I am not angry with him (Mayweather), I have no grudge against him.  My prayers for him is that he will be able to fix his life at may he have fear with God.

On the video you will witness how good Manny Pacquiao is as a person.  He has faith in God and never fails to thank Him for the blessings he has achieve.  No wonder Manny has achieved what no other boxers had achieve.


18 Cebuano 03 said...

Wow...very well said...kuyaw na mo english pacquiao ah...haha

dms27 said...

Practice makes perfect. :D

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