Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Khan did well in sparring, Pacquiao did better

The British welterweight champion Amir Khan started its sparring session with the pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquaio.  This was not the first time Khan sparred with Pacquiao, he was one of Manny's sparmate during the Oscar De La Hoya fight.

Amir Khan also trained by Freddie Roach, is making himself ready for his upcoming fight.  “I sparred with him (Pacquiao) after a defeat two years ago. I did really well with him then, but this time I’ve done even better and it just shows how much I’ve come on since I’ve been training with Manny,” Khan said in an interview with East Side Boxing.

Since Pacquiao's sparring sessions where not available to the public, former boxer Dodie Boy Penalosa and the country's first ever two division world champion (world junior flyweight and flyweight) back in 1980's said that Manny Pacquiao has been doing better in his sparring.  He fought Amir Khan for four rounds, on the first two rounds Pacquiao worked on his defense by letting the British Champion attack continuously.  

“He dominated Amir the next two rounds, then bloodied the nose of Tapia before taking it easy with his third sparring partner,” said Penalosa.  He was amazed by the way Pacquiao did his sparring and maintain his punching power though wearing a 16 ounce gloves.  Pacquiao also sparred with Glen Tapia and Michael Medina.  Pacquiao completed a 10 round sparring session against his taller sparring partners.

Amir Khan has high respects for the Filipino champion, he treats this moment as a good opportunity for him to improve.  “It’s a 50-50 spar. You know we’re both learning. Some days I have a good day, but some days Manny has a good day. It’s just great to work with somebody like Manny because Manny is known as one of the best fighters in the world," said Khan.

Pacquiao also said that he wants to be ready for his November 13 fight against Antonio Margarito and he believes that Amir Khan would be a good help on his team.  “I want to be ready in case Margarito shows improvement with his speed, that’s why I insisted on sparring with Khan,” said Pacquiao.

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