Monday, November 8, 2010

Coach Freddie Roach: “I am betting my house on Manny”

The Hall of fame trainer and four time "trainer of the year" Freddie Roach remains confident and believes  that Pacquiao will win on the November 13 (14 here in the Philippines) fight against Mexican "Tijuana Tornado" Antonio Margarito, saying that "I am betting my house on Manny."

Manny Pacquiao will be aiming for his 13th straight win and for his eighth division world title.  Pacquiao has won seven division and the only boxer to do so.  This fight will be history in the making.  

“And had I married and had children, I will also bet them that Manny will beat (Antonio) Margarito and etch his name in boxing history as the first man to win an eighth title in as many divisions,”  Roach added.

Regarding with the training camp issues of Manny Pacquiao that he was to busy for training and remain not a hundred percent, this is what Roach had said , "After our stint here following Manny’s so-so performance in Manila and Baguio confirmed my earlier belief that he is still the same man I used to know, the best boxer in the world.”  

“I thought that politics added for the numerous distractions that normally accompanied his training in his previous fights. It did, but after I saw him dedicate his best in training here, I believe Manny hasn’t changed,” Roach added, referring to Pacquiao's political duties as a Congressman in the Philippines.  “And I pity Margarito for he is coming direct into a trap. He’ll be walking into a storm that will destroy him comes fight night Saturday next week,” said Roach.


32fordcoupegirl said...

oh wonderful job Freddie and Manny, i respect and appreciate you all, SENDING MUCH LOVE AND HAPPINESS TO YOU FREDDIE !!

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Thanks for the Comment 32fordcoupegirl

32fordcoupegirl said...

your very welcome,,!!!

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