Friday, November 12, 2010

Cotto and Clottey gave insights for Pacquiao vs Margarito fight

Two of the boxers who have fought both Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao gave there insights for the upcoming November 13, 2010 fight,  Miguel Cotto from Puerto Rico and Joshua Clottey from Ghana.

The two fighters had their share of experience in the ring and both of them failed.  Margarito beat up Cotto and Clottey and so did Manny Pacquiao.  When both fighters were interviewed, this is what they had said.

“Manny is a very strong fighter,” said Cotto.  Miguel Cotto suffered TKO loss to Pacquiao and Margarito.

“If Margarito uses his head, and if he respects Pacquiao’s power, he has a chance,” shared Clottey, “But if he believes he’s so much bigger and stronger than Manny Pacquiao, he could wind up on the floor,” added the Ghanaian warrior.

Yahoo sports analyst Kevin Iole also shared his thoughts on the upcoming bout to be held at the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Texas, Arlington.  

"The simple equation in the fight is Pacquiao’s overwhelming advantage in speed compared to Margarito’s massive size advantage. Margarito is a volume puncher who loves to go to the body and a hard body attack is one of the best ways to combat speed. Hit a guy in the rib cage enough and it’s not long before he slows appreciably.  Margarito is notorious for having a strong chin and relentlessly stalking his opponent, but he is extraordinarily slow and throws wide punches. He’ll be vulnerable to Pacquiao’s lightning fast hands unless he doubles his jab, uses it frequently and shortens his other punches," said Kevin.

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