Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pacquiao-Margarito open media workout in Texas

Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito held open workouts in Texas, at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine.  As both fighters get ready for their big fight on November 13, Saturday (Sunday in the Philippines), each boxers showcase their skills to the public.

Here are some quotes from Manny Pacquiao's interview,"I come from nothing. I have humility and I don't carry myself like anything else. I don't see it as a Filipino - Mexican or American event. I see it as a boxing event. I don't know if I'll do it (referring to Margarito's punches) but it's part of the game."

"We are in a vacation period (referring to his political duties) and about 54 congressmen are here for the fight.  The lively hood of the people of the Philippines is important. There are few jobs, educational opportunities and I want to campaign against human trafficking."  

"His (Margarito) advantages are size and strength. Mine is my speed.  I want to stay at 147 - 148 lbs. Any heavier I'll be slow.  I like being back in Texas. Cowboys Stadium and the fans here are great.  My goal is to give back a great performance to the fans Saturday night.  I can do boxing and much more."

On the other part, Margarito quoted on an interview, "Training is the key for winning this fight. I couldn't feel any better than I do. I'm very confident in my preparation. I'm very motivated for the fight. I don't think of any problems." 

"He's faster (referring to Pacquiao's advantage) but we are prepared. This is my best preparation ever for a fight.  No problem making weight. I have never had a problem in past.  I have the power to take Manny out.  I feel like I have been training forever with Robert Garcia but this is our first fight together."

And this is what Robert Garcia (Margarito's trainer) said on the interview;

"The main thing for us is fighting a lefty.  We took 9 weeks to train correctly and we are ready.  We had no trouble making weight.  The weight and weight issue are to our advantage.  We'll be stronger."

"Clottey (Pacquiao's last foe) didn't try. After first few rounds Manny in for a long night with us.  The jab will be a weapon for us.  We expect Manny to come out full blast for the first three rounds.  I want the world to know Antonio Margarito beat the best fighter in the world and not the politician."

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