Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pacquiao vs Margarito: a mercy beating

In the late rounds, it was obvious that the fight had to be stopped.  Though Antonio Margarito had the will to continue the fight but it certainly did him no good.  With Margarito having a swollen right eye, his chance for the title was slowly slipping away and he wouldn't be able to much more see Pacquiao's blinding hand speed.  The referee could have stopped the fight, but we can't just blame him, for this is boxing and this normally happens in a fight.

However, Manny Pacquiao didn't take it as a huge advantage, instead he gave Margarito a mercy beating.  As what you've seen on the fight, Manny Pacquiao was watching at the referee at some time asking if the fight would still continue showing concern on Margarito's swollen eye.  Pacquiao was even interviewed about the situation after the fight and he simply said "Boxing is not about killing each other in the ring, its about entertaining people."  The humble Filipino amazed everyone.  When he could have stopped Margarito in the 10th round when the Mexican started to wobble getting tagged by Pacquiao's punch.  Yet the pound-for-pound king didn't seize the opportunity of a knockout.

Margarito had a huge cut under his eye that he suffered in round four which gave the "Tijuana Tornado" a problem every time Pacquiao attacks.  This indicates that Manny Pacquiao's punches is with strong power.  However the Mexican slugger did well in the six round where he gave shots to the body of Manny.  Pacquiao even told the media on his post fight interview that he was hurt by those body shot.  But the Filipino find a way of taking the fight even on that round and countered back punches to Margarito.

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