Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pacquiao to busy to beat Margarito?

Manny Pacquiao has the speed and the power, no doubt about that but can he really take down Margarito? Definitely yes, but a answer still remains uncertain at this point of time.  Pacquiao seemingly is to busy for training despite Margarito is a bull in his workout and training sessions.  Pacquiao is just to busy, as many people say.  Could being busy help him win the November 13 fight?  Pacquiao has the gift of speed, but as we all know, hard work pays off.  Right now, Margarito is working much harder than Pacquiao, to claim his spot where he used to be.

Though Pacquiao is confident telling his fans to not worry, but Antonio Margarito is no ordinary fighter.  His a three time world champion, he has beat down boxers with name before, let us just disregard the wrapping issue.  The point here is that, Margarito is aiming for redemption, so Pacquiao will be in for a battle.  Margarito will try to win to erase the past, certainly this fight will be a war.

Manny Pacquiao has been really busy and seem like his not taking Margarito seriously.  Would that be true?  Pacquiao missed a couple of training sessions in the Philippines,  due to his work as a political leader and there was also a time where he was hurt, having an ailing foot and time when he suffered fever.  Despite all, Pacquiao's camp stated that it'll be okay.

Freddie Roach even showed concerns to Pacquiao's busy schedules, making this time of camp the worst as what he had said to the media.  As Pacquiao moved to the US to continue his training, he thought that everything would turn out well, yet, another busy Pacquiao came out of the air.  Going on air with Jimmy Kimmel live and singing along side Will Ferrel and campaigned with Harry Reid in Las Vegas.

Despite everything, Roach still see's a eighth or ninth round knockout victory.  Roach is confident Pacquiao has what it takes to beat Margarito.  Antonio Margarito is training hard for this fight and plans to reborn his career in the business.  As what Robert Garcia said, I've never seen anyone train that hard.  Garcia is confident that the Tijuana Tornado can beat the Filipino boxing icon.

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