Monday, November 15, 2010

Roach: "If he doesn't fight Manny now (Mayweather) should retire."

Hall of fame Trainer has some interesting lines for Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr.  Coach Freddie Roach said that the undefeated boxer should do his talking in the ring if he is the best boxer.  

"Mayweather has to put up or shut up now or move out of the country," Pacquiao's trainer Roach said. "Let's face it. Manny is way above him at this point."

With Pacquiao winning against  "Tijuana Tornado" Antonio Margarito would that bring the Mayweather fight closer? Many people think that it makes it more harder for it made the American Champion feared more.

"Because I remember when he was ducking (Antonio) Margarito and he wouldn't fight him either," said Roach.  

The four time trainer of the year said that Manny stuck to the game plan last Saturday (Sunday in Philippine time)   and that made the fight for Team Pacquiao.  Roach also said that "If he doesn't fight Manny now (Mayweather) should retire."

The next fight should be with Mayweather, that is what the boxing fans and the world wants.  At this point, we still haven't heard from Floyd.  

When Manny Pacquiao was asked about future bout with Mayweather, this is what the REAL pound-for-pound king has to say "If the fight happens, it happens.  I don't need him, I happy with my achievement in boxing."  Yup, it is better than Floyd's achievement.  Just because his undefeated doesn't mean his the best.

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